Timebank DK is a site in with generel information about the Timebank/Time Dollars idea developed by Edgar Cahn.

Right now there is no active Time Bank systems in Denmark – operating after Edgar Cahns model.

As a follow up on the conference “Time is money” (read summary) held in Aarhus 2. September 2004 The Danish Centre for Urban Ecology in collaboration with the Urban II programme for the urban communities of Gellerup, Hasle, and Herredsvang in Aarhus – begane working on starting a timebank in the Urban II programe area.

The idea was to have a two year pilotproject, which could form the basis for timebankprojets other places in Denmark.

The idea was to use the Time Bank system as a tool to solve social problems in an excluded area in the western part of Aarhus ( Aarhus is the second biggest city in Denmark – population 200.000). Mainly integration of ethnic groups.

The development of the project involved the local tax- and employment authorities as well as representatives for the local etnich groups in the Urbanprograme area.

Project status – 2013
In April 2005 the Time Bank project received the first funding (7.000£) for from the Municipality of Aarhus. The funding is for a prephase of 3 months to the actual project, which will run for a period of two years, if the finances can be found.

The prephase of the project included the production of a detailed project description, trying to raise the sufficient funding for the two year project, trying to work out a solution for the barriers for the project – mainly tax problems and going on a study trip to English Time Banks. The idea was to visit Time Bank projects that work with ethnic groups.

May 18th the Time Bank project got an additional 7.000£ funding from the Urbanprograme (a EU funded programme for socially excluded areas).

This meant that there was funding for the whole prephase of the project, which could also be conducted without any regards to the tax problems. Because no actually Timebanking or time-exchange would take place during the prephase.

To find a solusion to tax problems The Timebank Project asked for a decision from ”Ligningsraadet”, a council which is the highest tax authority in Denmark in May 2005. The question asked was…”if the exchange in Timebanks can be defined as friendly neighbour favours”. If the council would have ruled ”YES” it would have mean that Timebanks in Denmark would be have tax-free. And the first Timebank project could have started right on.

But on October 11th 2005 the Tax Council ruled “NO”. This means that for the moment if Timebank Projects start up in Denmark members have to pay tax from the sevices they recive through a Timebank. The Tax Councils decision created a lot of attention on the Timebank project. There was features in national radio and television, and the story was on the frontpage of some of the bigger newspapers.

As a result of the huge attention more politicians both local and national supported the project and said that it should be possible to find solution to the taxproblem. Maybe the Time Bank Project could run as a limited pilot project in Ghettoareas to find out if the system is useable in Denmark.

So since 2005 the Timebank Project in Aarhus has been working on finding a political solution that will allow Timebank participants to exchange help and services without having to pay tax.

The project still keep in touch with Timebank contacts in England and USA  to be updated with the newest information about Timebanks worldwide.

Since 2012 we have been working on a timebank project, which includes a tax-model, where timebank members can pay tax of the favours and help they recieve from the timebank, not in cash, but in time in the form of help and favours to publich authorities.
This is still in the stage of development .

On this site you will be able to find updated information on how the Timebank idea develops in Denmark.

If you want further information about the project – please contact:

Per Bach
E-mail: per@timebank.dk
Skype: perbachdk
Tel: +45 40118640

Find more information on Time Banks on: Timebanks UK and Timebanks USA

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